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Corporate Endorsements for Dr. Duffy


"Presenter Extraordinaire...dynamic, motivating...highly recommend Dr. Spencer for any growth oriented executive management team."

Rene Riechter
Associate Executive Director
Education & Assistance Corp., Inc.



"As a course leader your love of teaching is readily apparent...Your personal style and ability to customize sessions to the needs of each group adds a great deal to the success of our programs."

Richard G. Kalbian
Senior Program Director
American Management Association





"Awesome...highly energized and personalized seminars."

Kathy Ward
Director, Security
Pepsi Cola Company



Personal Endorsements for Dr. Duffy


"Provides me a safe place to bear my truths & fine tune exactly who I am.  I feel lighter and more free.  It's like dropping bricks I've been carrying all my life." - Barbara G.

"This is a fast track release...getting rid of the "pockets" of debris...and the cob webs; I'm finding my true potential."- Deborah S.

"Talking therapy helped, but not enough.  I got more out of one session than I did for months talking about my problems."  - Lucy S.


Partial List of Clients:


American Management Association
Brookhaven National Laboratories
Chemical Bank
Citi Bank
European American Bank
Metropolitan Life
Mobil Oil Company
New York City Board of Education
New York Telephone Company
Pepsi Cola Company
Trans World Airlines
U.S. Postal Service


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