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Personal Growth Keynotes


  One of the most motivating and insightful conference speakers, Dr. Duffy Spencer possesses the rare combination of compassionate speech while delivering a message with clout and substance.

As a social scientist, Dr. Spencer brings fresh insight into society trends -- how they affect us emotionally and how we can take charge of our lives and our world.
  • Permanent White Water:  Staying Afloat in Rapid Change
• You Don't Have to be Perfect to be Excellent
• You, Me and We:  The Wisdom to Know the Difference
• Addiction-Free:  Positive Coping in a Negative World
• Mint Condition:  Wellness for Life
• The New Prime Time for Women over Fifty
• Spice Up Your Spouse:  How to Stay in Love Forever

  Dr. Duffy Spencer, PhD | 609 Dartmouth Street Westbury, NY 11590-3420
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