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Dr. Duffy Professional Keynotes/ Corporate Training
  Sample Topics:
  Team and Service Management

• Team Esteem:  Healing Corporate Wounds
• Customer Service, Not Lip Service
• The Service Ethic:  Selling it to Your People
• How to Manage Difficult (Different) People
• Back to the Family:  Creating a Winning Team
  Professional Management

• The Super Leader Concept:  How It Can Work for Your People
• Earning a Living:  The Power of "Intrapreneurship"
• Overcoming Sexual Politics at Work
• Women as Leaders:  Widening the Window of Opportunity
Public Speaking - Expert in:
• Emotion Management in a World of Change
• Communication and Conflict Resolution
• Team Building
• Customer Service
• Gender Diversity
• Wellness: Work and Family
• Workplace Violence

I learned that my overweight was mud on my wings and I was afraid to fly” Oprah Winfrey

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