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Therapeutic Framework

Dr. Duffy’s Therapeutic Framework:

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Internal Family Systems Model therapy fosters transformation gently, quickly, and effectively. It views the psyche as multi-faceted system consisting of our essential Self or various parts. Our “parts”, considered our own internal family… are viewed as sub-personalities which can be healed through connecting with the larger Self. The Self, a core of valuable and wise qualities, is our true nature – compassionate and loving. When the Self is restored to its rightful role as leader of the internal system, it brings harmony and integration to the client.

Gestalt Therapy

We are all born healthy. But most of us had to learn to creatively adjust to an imperfect environment. Gestalt therapy restores clients to their own organic health by focusing on awareness of emotions in present time. Through body-mind centeredness, the therapist and client work together to help the client understand him/herself. This type of therapy focuses on experiencing the here and now. Clients are encouraged to become aware of immediate needs, meet them, feel gratification and then assimilate new experiences for growth. The well-adjusted person is seen as someone who believes they have a right to have needs and galvanizes their energy to satisfy those needs.

Imago Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy is a form of relationship and couples therapy that focuses on transforming conflict into opportunities for healing and growth. The Latin word “imago”—meaning “image”—refers to the “unconscious image of familiar love.” There is frequently a connection between frustrations in adult relationships and early childhood experiences. Through specific communication skills, couples can learn to understand each other’s feelings and “childhood wounds”. Thus allowing them to heal themselves and facilitate healing in each other to achieve a happy and loving relationship.




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