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WINGS for Women


WINGSTM Women In Network Giving Support 

A Therapy Group for Women with Dr. Duffy Spencer


Wednesdays Eve
Meets Monthly September to May
Begins September 19th
7:30pm -9:00pm

Is your vital life energy sapped?  Do you sometimes feel unnecessarily tired and even depressed? 
Are your relationships not what you want them to be?  Are you not the you you want to be?

As children we were often prohibited from expressing ourselves.  For the sake of safety (and to be loved)
we learned to shut down.  This caused chronic emotional tensions sapping our valuable life energy.

Yet we have the ability to release any feelings of hurt, anger, sadness or shame getting in the way
of our health and happiness.

The goal of WINGS™ is to help women reconnect with their emotions in a natural
unfolding way.

Achieve true movement in your life by opening yourself up to new possibilities for a rich
rewarding life and juicy relationships.

Join WINGS™ and take the opportunity to explore your core issues in a gentle,
safe and supportive environment.

Every third Wednesday
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Begins Sept. 19, 2012
Meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday $50.00/month

When we walk to the edge of the light and take the step into the darkness of the unknown,
we must believe one of two things will happen~ there will be something solid for us to stand
on, or we will be taught to fly.  
Claire Morris:  A Manual for Life

 About WINGS™

Provides me a safe place to bear my truths & fine tune exactly who I am.  I feel lighter and more free. 
It’s like dropping the bricks I’ve been carrying all my life
Barbara G.

This is fast track release….getting rid of the “pockets” of debris…and the cob webs; I’m finding my
true potential. 
Deborah S.

“Talking therapy” helped, but not enough.  I got more out of one session than I did for months
talking about my problems. 
Lucy S.


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